tuber 意味, 定義, tuber は何か: 1. a swollen underground stem or root of a plant from which new plants can grow, as in the potato…. もっと見る

tuber formation control vector for controlling tuber formation of plant, method for controlling tuber formation and plant 例文帳に追加. 植物の塊茎形成を制御するための塊茎形成制御ベクター、塊茎形成が制御された植物の製造方法および植物 - 特許庁

tuber 【1名】 《植物》塊茎 広義では塊根(root tuber)も含む。 《解剖》結節 【2名】配管工【発音】[US] túːbər | [UK] tjúːbə【カナ】[US]トゥーバァ【変化】《複》tubers - アルクがお届けするオンライン英和・和英辞書検索サービス。

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A stem tuber forms from thickened rhizomes or stolons. The top sides of the tuber produce shoots that grow into typical stems and leaves and the under sides produce roots. They tend to form at the sides of the parent plant and are most often located near the soil surface. The underground stem tuber is normally a short-lived storage and regenerative organ developing from a shoot that branches off a mature plant. The offspring or new tubers are attached to a parent tuber or form at the end of a hypogeogenous (initi…

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For tuber formation, they require short days, with less than 11 to 13 hours of daylight, depending on variety. This means that your tuber yields will be better if you can keep the plants alive as long as possible in the fall. You may want to employ some kind of frost protection in short season climates. Soil Requirements . Dahlias like well drained, sandy soils, with a mildly acidic pH ...

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